Myth #1: ‘Commission officials have little experience of the world outside the Brussels'
Finding #1: 96 % of officials worked elsewhere before joining the Commission, 37 per cent in the private sector

The project originated at an EU Consent workshop, convened by John Peterson at the University of Edinburgh in February 2006. Hussein Kassim proposed the idea of a large-scale survey of Commission officials as a way to capture the perspectives of officials from across the organisation. It was carried out by a multinational team, which included Michael Bauer (University of Konstanz), Renaud Dehousse (Sciences Po. Paris), Liesbet Hooghe (Free University of Amsterdam and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Andrew Thompson (University of Edinburgh), later joined by Sara Connolly (University of East Anglia). The team secured endorsement for both the survey and a follow-up programme of interviews from the Commission. Although the research team has benefited from close cooperation with the Commission, the project has been conducted with full academic independence. Funding has come from three main sources:

We are grateful to the School of Political, Social and International Studies at UEA and to the Centre d'Etudes Européennes, Sciences Po, Paris for additional financial support.