The website of the European Union offers direct access to the home pages of the European Parliament, Council, Commission, Court of Justice and other bodies of the European Union. Europa provides you with basic information on the European Union, such as citizen's rights, the euro and employment policy, and access to full texts of treaties, policy documents and analysis, statistical data and legal documentation concerning legislative activity in progress, implementation of EU policies and EU grants and loans. Don't miss the EU calendar of events, and recent press releases.

European Union website.


The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe is the 'world's largest security organisation'. The website provides information on the activities, organisation and publications of the OSCE and its 55 member states from Europe, Central Asia and North America. Visit this site for more information about security-related issues, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation as well as activities of the OSCE, its services and employment opportunities.

OSCE website.


NATO's site acts as an information service providing in-depth commentary on recent NATO operations and world developments. With an online library, providing a complete archive of all official NATO documents and publications, the NATO site also contains a comprehensive list of related sites which offer information on Alliance activities.

NATO website.

Council of Europe

As well as providing a starting point from which to access related internet sites such as The Committee of Ministers, The Parliamentary Assembly and The Human Rights site, the Council of Europe site also provides downloadable texts on recent activities and developments in fields such as bioethics, on NGO's and personal data protection issues. Visit this site for the latest news from the Council of Europe and to keep up with recent developments.

Council of Europe website.

European Broadcasting Union

The EBU was formed through the collaboration of European public broadcasters in order to regulate television and radio broadcasting in Europe. The EBU negotiates broadcasting rights for sporting events, organises programme exchanges and spearheads co-productions. Their website provides information on all the operational, commercial, technical, legal and strategic services that make their collaboration possible.

European Broadcasting Union website.

Royal Institute for International Affairs Chatham House (RIIA)

Chatham house and the Royal Institute for International Affairs is one of the world's leading organisations for the analysis of international issues. While it is membership-based it presents numerous conferences on European affairs and European integration which are also open to the wider public. Specifically its European Programme rightly identifies itself as a forum for research and debate on questions of politics, economics and security in Europe. Usefully for students and researchers it also makes available often freely downloadable research papers, reports, articles and transcripts.

In addition students should regularly check Chatham House's job vacancies because they frequently offer internships.

Royal Institute for International Affairs Chatham House (RIIA) website.

European Voice

European Voice online is the subscription-based website of the Brussels-based weekly newspaper devoted entirely to European Union affairs. It is essential reading for policymakers in the EU institutions and the member states, and those who seek to influence the decision-making process from outside. The online version contains a comprehensive archive of past issues, links to related sites and up to date information on the euro.

European Voice website.

University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES)

UACES brings together academics researching European issues with those active in European affairs. The website is a good starting point to find out what academic and research resources are available. Check this site for upcoming conferences, UACES news and courses in European Studies. The UACES Teaching Network, which facilitates the sharing of teaching materials between teachers of European Studies, and a Students Forum have also recently been added.

University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES) website.

EuroActiv is an EU policy web portal. It provides numerous accurate and up-to-date information and multilingual links to EU news, policy positions and EU actors. Indispensable and a must resource for both students and researchers.

Centre for European Reform (CER)

The CER is a think tank whose goal is to improve the quality of the debate on the future of the European Union. It contains many useful and refreshing papers.

European Integration Online Papers (EIoP)

A very good peer reviewed e-journal in the field of European integration.

European Research Papers Archive (ERPA)

ERPA is a very useful site for a variety of online publications in the field of European integration research.

The Federal Trust

The Federal Trust is a think tank that studies the interactions between regional, national, European and global levels of government.


A source of reference and information on the debate relating to the future of the European Union in general and the process of drafting the European Constitution in particular.