Dr Vassiliki Koutrakou - CREST Director

Vassiliki Koutrakou, PhD (Univ of Kent, Canterbury) UEA lecturer, teaches and researches in the areas of the EU as an international actor, international organisations and conflict resolution, and EU high technology policy and e-government. 


Professor Hussein Kassim

Professor Hussein Kassim (MPhil and DPhil in Politics, Nuffield College, Oxford) UEA Professor of Politics, holds a number of visiting memberships, fellowships and professorships at various international institutions. He teaches and researches in EU politics, specialising in European Institutions and in particular the European Commission and EU governance, as well as public policy and relations between the EU and its member-states.


Mike Bowker

Mike Bowker is a senior lecturer in Politics. He teaches courses on International Relations and Russian domestic and foreign policy. His main research interests are post-Soviet Russia and post-Cold War international relations.


Lawrence Hardy

Lawrence Hardy is lecturer in Politics. He teaches and researches in the areas of International and European studies as well as local government in Britain, specialising in the EU and regional governance.


Professor Patricia Chilton

Patricia Chilton is a Professor of Politics and Peace Studies at the University of Sunderland and a Visiting Professor at the UEA. She is responsible for several international research projects, including the EU Research Training Network on European Security and Defence Policy and Democracy, and is interested in new European and international security agendas.

Richard Deswarte

Richard Deswarte, BA (University of Alberta, Canada), is a researcher and part-time lecturer in the School of History. He specialises in Modern European history, particularly France and Germany. Of special interest are the history and theory of European integration and the European idea, Britain and European integration and 20th Franco-German relations. He is also interested and active in history and computing.


Dr John Greenaway

John Greenaway has an MA from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Politics from the University of Leeds. He lectures on British Politics and Policy Making at the University of East Anglia. Past research interests have included the reform of the British Civil Service as far back as the 1850s. At present he is researching the Politics of Alcohol Control in Britain from 1830-1960.


Dr Neil MacMaster

Neil MacMaster, BA Hons (York) PhD (Cambridge), is an Honorary Associate of UEA. He specialises in research on immigration, ethnic minorities, and racism in Europe, with a particular emphasis on Britain and France. He is currently working on Islamaphobia and perceptions of Islam in Europe.  

Dr Barbara Marshall

Barbara Marshall is a graduate from Munich University (Staatsexamen) with a PhD from the University of London. She is currently teaching and researching contemporary German History and Politics. Her research interests are migration and German Politics.