CREST has hosted a number of conferences since it began in 1997 and it is always thinking of new and interesting conference themes on European Studies and related International Relations topics. Previous conferences have focused on such themes as the Britain and Europe, the 1998 British Presidency, EU institutions and institutional change, interdependency, identity, representation, regionalism, Europe-Asia relations, and European security.

Furthermore in its first 1998 conference CREST successfully hosted an international videoconference between Brussels and Norwich. Maintaining the video links at that conference between Brussels and Norwich was sometimes fraught but ultimately successful and worthwhile. I think all the participants would agree that this has also been true for the debates and discussions at all of our conferences.

Please click below to view previous CREST conferences:

Seventh CREST Conference: 'Issues and Challenges of E-Government:Experiences from Europe and Beyond' - organiser Dr V Koutrakou.

Sixth CREST Conference:'Crtl, Alt, Delete: Re-booting the State via E-Government in Europe' - organiser Dr V Koutrakou.

Fifth CREST Conference: 'New Security Agendas: Accountable to whom? EU and US Visions of Global Security' - organiser Professor P Chilton

Fourth CREST Conference (in association with Asia Pacific Forum): 'Europe and the Asia-Pacific: Culture, Identity and Representations of Region' - organiser Professor S Lawson.

Third CREST Conference: 'European perspectives on Interdependence and Cooperation in Current International Relations' - organiser Dr V Koutrakou.

Second CREST Conference: 'The Changing Roles of the EU's Institutions - Shifts and Balances' - organiser Dr V Koutrakou.

First CREST Conference/Video Conference: 'The Role of the United Kingdom in the European Union: Reflections on the British Presidency' - organiser Dr V Koutrakou.