Thought provoking enquiry and discussion Thought provoking enquiry and discussion

Our researchers' expertise encompasses a broad range of research themes, with work spanning from Ancient Philosophy to investigations of philosophy's relationship to the arts, the environment and science.
With ever-increasing interdisciplinary collaborations, our researchers work with colleagues specialising in areas including literature, film, psychology, economics and environmental science. 
We are an international centre of Wittgenstein research and home to one of the highest concentrations of scholars specialising in aspects of Wittgensteinian Philosophy in the world. Wittgenstein's work is investigated by a number of our researchers and Postgraduate students and is brought to bear on other themes within our teaching and research.
Our work aims to provoke enquiry and discussion, as well as to impact policy and political decision making. An expansive library of publications, including books, reports and monographs has been published by our research staff – many of which aim to bring philosophical ideas and forms of enquiry to a non-specialist audience.







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