Key examples of our impact Key examples of our impact

The aim is to develop a method of giving future generations a say in current policy-making discussions, by applying Rupert Read's innovative thinking about the nature and ideals of democracy.

Evidence of Impact:

UN Secretary General's provisional report on intergenerational solidarity

Podcasts / videos

Podcast of the Parliamentary launch

Podcast from the Converge Project meeting in Bristol

Youtube video on 'Creating "Guardians for future generations" '

Documents / articles

Paper on the Journal of International Relations Research

Guardians of the Future by Rupert Read, A Green House Report

Open Challenge paper from the Alliance for Future Generations

The future we want: U.N. zero-draft Outcome document for the U.N. conference on Sustainable  Development, Rio, 2012

German Federal Ministry newswletter July 2012 (reporting the Rio+20 events)

GUARDIAN newspaper (Jan 4th 2012) announcing the launch of the guardians report

'Ecologist' piece on future generations

Piece on Green World Online 

Blog posts

Blog Post on Open Democracy

Alex Stevenson's Post on

Blog Post on Liberal Conspiracy

James Garvey's Blog Post on Talking Philosophy

Halina Ward's Blog Post on Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development

Blog Post on Red Pepper

Angus Hanton's report on If

Resurgence Post on Green House event

Michael Bartlet's blog post on Open Democracy

Invitations as speaker

BBC Radio Norfolk, Radio Tees, & Radio Merseyside (Jan 2012).

Radio Suffolk, Norwich Evening News (circulation c.30k) April 2012.

The Schumacher Institute/Converge project (Bristol), Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture at Bradford (2 / 11 / 2011).

Lancaster ‘Climate philosophy' conference plenary (26-8/ 3 / 2011; audience c.60, mainly from local and regional community plus some University).

Public meeting at Norwich Library at the Forum (15 / 11 / 2012; audience c.20).

Public meeting at Norwich Assembly Rooms (20/3/2012; audience c.45, mostly local community including business community).

Castle stage at Hay Literary Festival (3 / 6 / 12; audience c.75).

Norfolk ‘Peripatetics' 25 / 6 / 12 (a town/gown group, including members of House of Lords and other opinion-makers).

Norfolk Amnesty International Group (15 / 5 / 2013).