The Southern Association for Ancient Philosophy The Southern Association for Ancient Philosophy

The Southern Association for Ancient Philosophy (SAAP) was founded in 1955, and meets annually for a short residential conference in September.

The venue alternates between Oxford and Cambridge. The 2016 meeting of the Southern Association for Ancient Philosophy will take place in Cambridge (Newnham College) on 12-13 September.

The online booking system for this year's Southern Association Meeting is now open and can be accessed here. Accommodation is available for up to three nights (you may select options as required), but the actual programme will run from 2.30pm pm Monday 12 September to 4pm on Tuesday 13 September. Confirmed speakers include: Franco Trivigno (Oslo), Karen Nielsen (Oxford), Simona Aimar (UCL), Malcolm Schofield (Cambridge) and Alex Long (St Andrews).

The full programme will be circulated in May.


The SAAP has no list of members, no committee, and no administrative structure. There are just the annual conferences. The organisation of the conference falls each year to the local hosts.

The Association does have a secretary who is the point of contact for potential new members. The secretary is currently Prof Catherine Rowett.

There is a mailing list which includes all UK ancient philosophy specialists, including those in post in universities, those retired but still active, and those engaged in postgraduate study. If you know of someone who should be added to this list, please contact the secretary. Scholars of similar status from outside the UK are also welcome to join the mailing list.

Although notionally covering the south of England (there is also a Northern Association for Ancient Philosophy), the SAAP is in fact attended by scholars from all parts of the UK, and many from overseas.

As well as providing a forum for discussion and debate, the SAAP serves as an annual convention for UK scholars and graduate students of ancient philosophy. The informal atmosphere is conducive to the making and renewing of contacts.


There is no subscription. At the annual meeting a small fee (circa ten pounds sterling) is levied to cover expenses (tea, coffee etc). Otherwise those attending pay only for any meals they may choose to take, and for residence in a college room if they opt for this rather than arrange their own accommodation.

Financial Assistance

Graduate students may be eligible for assistance with the costs of attending this conference from the Thomas Wiedemann fund.

Annual Conferences

The meeting always runs from a Thursday evening to a Saturday lunchtime, usually in the third week of September.

At the annual conference there are typically five papers by invited speakers, each followed by a full discussion. Three or four of the papers cluster round a general theme (the theme for the next year is agreed by a vote at the end of the previous meeting). The other one or two papers can be on any topic in ancient philosophy. Traditionally on the Friday evening the local hosts lay on a party for all participants.

The local organisers send out details of the conference programme and booking arrangements/arrival instructions by e-mail. These are usually circulated in early summer, to the accumulated e-mail list of interested parties, who are invited to register by reply.

Later in the summer, further details are sent out to those who have registered, including abstracts of the papers. The 2014 provisional programme is:

  • David Gallop, ‘Socratic reflections and Platonic paradigms'
  • Frisbee Sheffield, ‘Platonic piety'
  • A.A. Long, ‘Catastrophe: ancient concepts and contexts'
  • Ada Bronowski, ‘Stoic logic in Seneca: the difference between the good and being good, a mere subtilitas?'
  • Gabriele Galluzzo, ‘Against the Sceptics. Plotinus and the identity theory of truth'

Registration is now open. For further information, contact Myrto Hatzimichali.