Philosophy Public Lectures 2016 Philosophy Public Lectures 2016

Spring 2016 Philosophy Public Lectures
‘Evidence, action and caution: Exploring the Precautionary Principle’

Sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy

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The Precautionary Principle has been a key element in public policy in areas such as the environment, finance, and health, for 40 years. And the general principle goes back to Hippocrates’s famous injunction: ‘First, do no harm’. But what does the Precautionary Principle really amount to? Is it sound? In what form? Can it save us from disastrous ‘black swans’ in an era of global risk and uncertainty? Or will it stop us from exploring the Promethean possibilities that some believe still await our species?
This series of 3 public lectures will find out…

Tuesday 2 February – Dr. Phil Hutchinson, Manchester Metropolitan University

5 parameters by which to assess any and every public policy: precaution, evidence, political economy, asymmetry, and framing.

Wednesday 17 February – A debate between Dr. Rupert Read and Prof. Steve Fuller, Warwick

Precaution or ‘Pro-action’?: The great debate of the 21st century’. [Chaired by Prof. Catherine Rowett.]

Tuesday 1 March – Prof. Tim O’Riordan (ENV) in conversation with Rupert Read

The past and future of precautionary reasoning.
This event is followed by a drinks reception.


All events take place in Lecture Theatre 2, UEA at 6.30pm.
Free to attend. All welcome. No advance booking necessary.