Assessment and Quality Assurance of Pharmacy QCF Qualifications Assessment and Quality Assurance of Pharmacy QCF Qualifications

We act as a central point for assessment, internal quality assurance advice and networking, to support Pharmacy Education and Development Leads, QCF Assessors, Internal Quality Assurers (IQAs) and trainees across the East of England.

We ensure that all trainees have access to allocated assessors and an IQA for the duration of their training period.

Assessors and IQAs must complete vocational qualifications which require access to learners and assessors.

The Assessor will...

  • Measure performance and knowledge of individual trainees in the workplace against the National Occupational Standards (NOS)
  • Ensure performance and knowledge are demonstrated consistently before allowing the individual to gain a qualification
  • Assess fairly, and support and guide the learner through their qualification
  • Attend standardisation meetings to ensure that their own practice is consistent and up to date with the national requirements for assessment

The IQA will...

  • Ensure that assessment decisions are made by competent assessors and are consistent, fair and reliable
  • Ensure that trainees are fully supported by their assessors
  • Monitor the performance of individual assessors 
  • Give feedback to the individual assessors to develop their practise and knowledge