Work-based learning programmes Work-based learning programmes

We provide a range of accredited education and work-based learning programmes that underpin medicines management and the extended roles of pharmacy technicians.

Our Team are committed to providing high quality programmes that are 'fit for purpose' 

This is achieved via:

  • Support for learners and educational supervisors via e-learning environment and e-portfolio
  • Effective networking
  • Ongoing evaluation and review of all programmes

Course Contacts

Melanie Boughen - Director of Pharmacy Technician Programmes

Helen Denny - IQA Lead

Sharon Walker - Specialist Pharmacy Technician E,T&D

Kate Cannon - Specialist Pharmacy Technician E,T&D

Chloe Beale - Specialist Pharmacy Technician E,T&D

Rebecca Appleby - Senior Programme Administrator


Useful Links

General Pharmaceutical Council

Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK

NHS Pharmacy Education & Development Committee (NHS PEDC)

Identifying the Roles of Pharmacy Technicians in the UK (pdf file)


We provide an e-Learning environment for a wide range of education, training and development programmes.

The e-Learning environment offers maximum flexibility for learners and allows tutors, work-based trainers and assessors to monitor the progress of their learners at the touch of a button. Our e-Resources offer presentations, videos, documents to download and links to useful websites. These resources complement study days and further develop your knowledge.


A range of materials are currently available for:

  • Pharmacy Technician Accreditation Schemes
  • Level 2 Pharmacy Assistants Knowledge Programme
  • Level 3 Pre-reg Trainee Pharmacy Technicians – Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science
  • Trainers and Educators