Matthew obtained his MCHEM degree from the University of Liverpool in 2013. He went on to do a PhD at Liverpool under the direction of Professor Dave Adams and Dr Jon Iggo, developing novel Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques to study self-assembled peptide gel materials. He won the 2017 Ronald Belcher Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry for his PhD research. He also won a Research Fellowship from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 to work with Professor Yaroslav Khimyak at the School of Pharmacy. Matthew’s particular area of expertise lies in the development of NMR imaging methodologies to study processes taking place along chemical gradients inside gels.

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Wallace, M., Iggo, J. A., Adams, D. J.


Titrations without the Additions: The Efficient Determination of pKa Values Using NMR Imaging Techniques,

in Analytical Chemistry



pp. 4160-4166

Full Text UEA Repository



Wallace, M., Adams, D. J., Iggo, J. A.


Analysis of the mesh size in a supramolecular hydrogel by PFG-NMR spectroscopy,

in Soft Matter



pp. 5483-5491

Full Text UEA Repository