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Duocarmycins as antibody–drug conjugate payloads for cancer therapy

Antibody–drug conjugates (ADC) are a key frontier in the fight against cancer. The combination of an antibody, which is able to specifically target a cancer, and a highly cytotoxic payload with powerful anticancer activity, has proven to be a winning combination.

Drs Andrew Beekman, Marco Cominetti and Prof Mark Searcey recently published a book chapter which reviews the development of duocarmycin-based ADCs and highlights the progresses and issues in developing this class of therapeutics. They reviewed the different payloads, their mechanism of action and prodrug analogues, and discussed the different linker-payload strategies, their advantages and disadvantages and the evolution towards a first Phase III clinical candidate. They hope their chapter will provide a background and a perspective to all our colleagues interested in this exciting research field.

Read the publication here: Duocarmycins as Antibody–Drug Conjugate (ADC) Payloads.