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A successful Pharmacy Research Day

The 2019 Pharmacy Research Day took place in May with over 90 attendees.  This annual conference enables Faculty, Postdoctoral scientists and Postgraduate students to present their research on topics ranging from drug discovery, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacy practice.

The Research Day was introduced by the Interim Head of School Dr. Anja Mueller. The first Research Highlight Session was pharmacology focussed with Dr Leanne Stokes headlining the Day’s event speaking on P2X7 receptors, followed by postdoctoral and PhD student presentations from the O’Connell and Mueller research groups.  There was plenty of audience engagement, including from our Keynote Speaker Prof. Manfred Jung.  Lively research discussions continued over coffee, and the positive atmosphere continued in the second Research Highlights Session, which saw Dr Debi Bhattacharya present her research on Medication adherence interventions. This was followed by a most complementary presentation by Dr Michael Grey who gave an overview of the research in the School of Health Sciences and a presentation from Pharmacy Practice PhD student, Hannah Kinsey. 

The second half of this session was devoted to the three Minute Thesis (3MT), where PhD students presented their research thesis, in a presentation style appropriate for a non-specialist audience. There were thirteen competitors who were all successful in communicating their science to a general audience, and some in very creative ways!  The judging panel chose Enana Al-Assaf as Runner-up and Hannah Kinsey as 3MT Competition winner.

Lunch included a wide choice of gastronomic fayres that were enjoyed by all and attendees had time to visit exhibitor stands. For the final hour, our talented Postdocs and PhD students presented their research posters to Faculty, research staff and a judging panel formed from the Department.  The enthusiasm, engagement and standard of student discussions should be highly commended. The winner of the poster prizes were, Matthew Felgate (Pharmacology), Adam Lee (Medicinal Chemistry), Trey Koev (Drug Delivery) and Sion Scott (Pharmacy Practice).  The Overall Poster prize, decided by popular vote, was awarded to Carine Solange Eposi Enjema.

The third Research Highlights session began with an elegant talk from Dr Susan Matthews on Calixisugars and their therapeutic potential, followed by PhD student and postdoc presentations on phase transitions of confined pharmaceuticals and glaucoma. Dr Jesus Angulo ended this session discussing his research on Structure and interactions of biomolecules through novel delivery challenges in ligand-based NMR spectroscopy.  After coffee and avid destruction of ice-cream, the fourth research session got underway with talks on drug design and the anti-fungal properties of garlic. The Keynote Speaker Professor Manfred Yung from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg, Germany concluded the session presenting an enthralling talk entitled, "Chemical epigenetics – modulators of histone acetylation and methylation".

The day came to a fitting end with Prize Giving, presented by our Keynote Speaker Prof. Jung.  Hannah Kinsey was awarded the runner-up in the Oral Presentation competition and Alext Morritt the winner.  Further scientific and social discussion was conducted over drinks and nibbles, and we all reflected on a most enjoyable celebration of our research at the 2019 Pharmacy Research Day.  

The winners of the day were:

  • Exhibitor networking competition winner - Morvarid Ajdarirad
  • Poster prize for drug delivery sponsored by Liverpool chirochem - Trey Koev
  • Poster prize for Pharmacology sponsored by Liverpool chirochem - Matthew Felgate
  • Poster prize for Pharmacy Practice sponsored by Shimadzu - Sion Scott
  • Poster prize for Medicinal Chemistry sponsored by Beckman Coulter - Adam Lee
  • Overall poster prize (peoples choice) - Carine Solange Eposi Enjema
  • 3 Minute Thesis runner up - Enana Al-Assaf

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