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You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the downloadable documents below. All documents are protected, placement hosts will be emailed the password.

Handbook for Community Pharmacy Hosts

Download the handbook here.  It contains detailed guidance about the community pharmacy placement programme.

Task sheets

Copies of the task sheets students complete as part of their placement work.  Click below to download.

Placement hosts annual review 2014 materials

Placement hosts are invited to a review evening on an annual basis. Copied below are the slides delivered at these meetings together with the counselling exercise used at these events.

Counselling exercise

This exercise can be used to develop your understanding of the expected level of counselling skills demonstrated by a 3rd year student. To get the most from this exercise we suggest you first read through the counselling form. When you are ready assess the student's performance in the first video using the form. Finally, watch the second video to see how your assessment compares with ours.

1. Student performing counselling on Nitrate patch (6 mins)

2. Student performing same counselling with marking feedback (15 mins)