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Apple Days are a great way to learn more about traditional orchards, to identify mystery fruit, perhaps get your own apples juiced or just celebrate a wonderful fruit harvest! And there are lots planned in the east of England in the coming late summer and autumn! Choose which to visit from our list below (and let us know if there's any we're not aware of!)

   Apple Day (and events) 2018:

   Date                                         Event                                                  

   21/22 July                                 Strumpshaw Fair                                  

   16 Sept - Gardens of Easton Lodge (East of England Apples and Orchards Project – EEAOP)

   22/23 Sept                                Audley End Apple Fair                          

   29 September                           Fairfield Orchard Apple Day                              

   29 September                           Oxburgh Hall Apple Day (EEAOP)          

   30 September                           Potton Apple Day (EEAOP)       

   30 September                           Huntingfield Apple Day

   6 Oct                                        Stamford Apple Day (EEAOP)

   6 Oct                                        Rivers Orchard Apple Day, Sawbridgeworth (EEAOP)    

   7 Oct                                        Suffolk Wildlife Trust Foxburrow Apple Day

   7 Oct                                        Jeacock’s Apple Day

   7 Oct                                        Tewin Orchard Apple Day

   7 Oct                                        Wragby Apple Day, Lincolnshire (EEAOP)

   13 Oct                                      Eye Autumn Fair

   13 Oct                                      Burwash Manor Apple Day, Barton (EEAOP)     

   14 Oct                                      Sufolk Wildlife Trust Redgrave Apple Day

   14 Oct                                      Norfolk Rural Life Museum (EEAOP)     

   14 Oct                                      Cressing Temple Apple Day (EEAOP)

   14 Oct                                      Bromham Mill Apple Day

   19/20 Oct                                 Museum of East Anglian Life Cider and Song Festival

   20 Oct                                      Ely Cathedral Apple Day (EEAOP)        

   21 Oct                                      Cambridge University Botanic Gardens Apple Day (EEAOP)



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