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How contributing to/drawing from a pool of knowledge and experience can benefit both organisations and retirees - the case of Barry Dennis and Future Radio:

Future Radio is a community radio station based in Norwich and funded by EEDA and NELM Development Trust. It is a part of the NR5 Project, a community based arts, media and education charity. Future Radio has been active since 2004. When Future Radio was a new project it seriously needed some publicity to reach out to the audience. Generating revenue was also a challenge for this community radio station.

How did Barry Dennis (retired Managing Director of Archant Norfolk) help Future Radio overcome these difficulties?

When Barry retired after 40 years in the media industry, he wanted to use his skills on a voluntary basis. He became aware of Future Radio during a social networking event and decided to help the organisation to overcome their problems by using his skills and experience in media. He helped Future Radio to promote itself through the Evening News and other contacts within Norfolk. Barry has now started a feature called ‘It's playtime' – a corporate team building exercise to create a sustainable source of revenue for Future Radio.

This is what Barry has to say on his involvement with Future Radio...

"All of this allows the project to concentrate on the main challenge of working with young people and chasing recognised funding pots."

"Barry brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts to a relatively new community media project...Barry's role includes acting as a business mentor to generate revenue and as a Champion...He has negotiated a commercial partnership with a local advertising selling agency who now sells the station to clients to generate much needed advertising income."

Paula Sanchez, Business Development Director of NR5 Project

For more information regarding Future Radio please visit their website or email