Welcome to Norfolk Knowledge Welcome to Norfolk Knowledge

Hello and welcome to Norfolk Knowledge, a voluntary organisation hosted by Norwich Business School.

We specialise in assisting people in the local area who wants to develop their business, as successful development of your business is the key to growth for you personally, your family and your locality. If you prosper so will they.

Set up in 2009, We are a team of business people who have chosen to use some of our time to volunteer and share with you our experience. Our aim is to enable you and your business to grow and prosper, by contributing our expertise in whatever way you feel is helpful. You can benefit  from the knowledge that we have gained from our successes, and be guided to avoid mistakes we've made.

Our members come from a wide range of business backgrounds, from senior finance/banking specialists through to IT consultants and engineers. Many of us have also worked at a senior level in large organisations and small businesses.

How might we help ?

  • Maybe you are through the start up stages of your business, yet have some concerns about aspects of it that are not going as well as expected.
  • Perhaps you're ready to start up. You have a business plan that sets out your product/service, its potential customers, but how you are going to market it, and how you are going to finance the business? Maybe would like to discuss putting the plan into action.
  • You may want help drawing up a plan
  • You may just want to talk through a business idea to make sure you're it is actually viable.

You can make use of Norfolk Knowledge's services for FREE - we'll give you up to 8 hours of time (and it could be more). You decide what will be the most valuable way to use it. You may find that just one conversation is sufficient, or that a series of meetings is more beneficial. It's up to you how you would like to use our service.

Whatever stage you are at, and whatever request you may have, please get in touch. Lots of people have, and found it really valuable.

If you would like to contact the Norfolk Knowledge team, please telephone +44 (0)1603 592263 or email norfolkknowledge@uea.ac.uk.

If you fancy joining us as a business mentor, please email Tom Rockingham at t.rockingham@uea.ac.uk

Management Team

Name Job Title
Rob Waller Lead Member
Peter Schmidt Hansen Chair: Norfolk Knowledge Management Board
John Chapman Management Team Member
Henry Head Management Team Member
Dee Youngman Management Team Member
Mick Wright Management Team Member
Paul Richmond Management Team Member
Tom Rockingham Secretary



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