Aimed at encouraging new business ventures between China and the UK Aimed at encouraging new business ventures between China and the UK

  • Do you have an idea for a business venture involving the UK and China?
  • Do you want a share of the £5,000 in cash prizes?
  • Do you want expert advice and comments on your business idea?
  • Do you want to build your international network of contacts?

China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge 2014

The China-UK Entrepreneurship Competition aims to encourage new business ventures between China and the United Kingdom and is intended to simulate the real-world process of entrepreneurs soliciting start-up funds from early-stage investors and venture capital firms. The competition is part of the PMI2 (Prime Minister Initiative II) Connect project, supported by British Council and the Confucius Institute programme funded by Hanban.

The competition is open to university teams – students and post docs – both in the UK and China. Teams will be selected to participate in this competition for:

  • £5,000 cash prizes
  • An investment opportunity of £250,000 for the best business plans

Initial registration, proposal submission and selection deadline is 5pm Monday 14th April 2014


Step 1: Register your team and your idea here:
(Judging criteria are here:

Step 2: If selected as one of the top 15 teams from across the UK, attend a skills workshop on 15 June at University College London, where entrepreneurship and China experts will help you improve and refine your idea. UCL is one of the UK's leading hubs for entrepreneurial activity, with a wide range of resources, experts, contacts and connections to sources of technological and financial expertise and support.

Step 3: The best 8 teams will be invited to Lancaster University on 29 June to present their business proposals to Chinese officials and other expert judges.

Step 4: The best 4 teams (3 of whom will win cash prizes) will be invited to UCL for the finals on 20 July.