Tesco Local

The market for locally sourced produce is worth three times than that of organics at £5 Billion. Food producers are seeking to add value and differentiate in increasingly fragmented markets as consumers are far more interested in food production, provenance and buying British than ever before. 84% of shoppers claim they would buy more Local products if available in supermarkets.

Do I Qualify?

Free shopper insight is available to all Tesco (Local) suppliers who are SMEs (defined as those with an annual turnover below £6.5m) and verifiable through the FAME database.

How Does it Work?

Suppliers complete an on-line request form. Following this, an insight report is delivered via PowerPoint presentation and spreadsheets within ten working days of the request being submitted. Follow-up support is provided where necessary via phone, Skype or in person to assist with interpretation of the reports and action planning.

How will Shopper Insight Reports benefit me?

These reports provide critical information regarding the performance of products within Tesco. Insight will be provided relating to sales growth, number of customers, customer penetration, frequency of purchase and repeat rate. Factors such as the segmentation of shoppers (lifestage, lifestyle, geo-demographics and TV advertising region for example) will also be explored and how this compares with the relevant category as a whole. This information will then inform the development of marketing plans and decision-making with respect to promotions, new product development, packaging, pricing and distribution.

If you are a Tesco local supplier and wish to obtain a free shopper insight report for your brands, just complete the simple on line request for information form here