Understanding Shopper Behaviour Understanding Shopper Behaviour


The Norwich Business School Who Buys My Food project is led by Professor Andrew Fearne alongside Research Associates Lucy Coupe and Sophie Barnard. The project is run in partnership with Queen’s Management School (Queen’s University Belfast), Dunnhumby and Tesco Local, Tesco’s second largest brand worth in excess of £1bn. Professor Fearne has assisted over 600 SMEs in the past eleven years working with Tesco and their local suppliers to translate Tesco Clubcard data into actionable insight for small businesses.


Funded by Invest Northern Ireland, the aim of the project is to help local and regional food and drink producers across the UK and Northern Ireland to improve their businesses by increasing their understanding of shopper behaviour. The partnership has been developed to provide insight into small food producers who currently supply Tesco with local products and to support them on the start of their journey towards understanding customers, market trends and innovation opportunities.


Providing Insight

Norwich Business School has exclusive access to weekly supermarket purchasing behaviour data from Dunnhumby through Tesco Clubcard. Tesco is the largest supermarket in the UK and the second largest retailer in the world. This data is used to provide valuable shopper insight reports to food producers and to provide them with additional insight when necessary. This information is the most powerful market intelligence available in the UK and covers the food purchasing behaviour of over 40% of the UK population as well as insight into lifestage, lifestyle and Geo-demographic factors.


What are the Benefits?

Shopper insight data helps with a wide range of activities such as strategic planning, marketing planning, New Product Development (NPD) and supply chain design. It also supports account management and enables consumer segmentation, targeted resource allocation and relationship development.

We are also looking to work with non-Tesco local food and drink producers within East Anglia – more information to follow.


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