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  1. What Should a PhD Thesis Look Like »
  2. The Adoption of Total Quality Management in Scotland »
  3. The Changing Scale of Total Quality Management »
  4. Hoshin Kanri at Hewlett-Packard »
  5. Hoshin Kanri: Policy Management in Japanese-Owned UK Subsidiaries »
  6. Realising the Vision: Translating Strategy into Action through Policy Management »
  7. Hoshin Kanri: a study of practice in the UK »
  8. Policy management of strategy (Hoshin Kanri) »
  9. Implications of Regulation Policy Incentives for Strategic Control: An Integrative Model »
  10. Longitudinal Tracer Studies: Research Methodology of the Middle Range »
  11. Manage Strategy and Organisational Effectiveness Side by Side »
  12. Top Executive Audits: Strategic Reviews of Operational Activities »
  13. Balanced scorecard and Hoshin Kanri: Dynamic Capabilities for Managing Strategic Fit »
  14. Balanced Scorecard and Hoshin Kanri: Managing Strategic Priorities »
  15. Dynamic Capabilities: Top Executive Audits and Hoshin Kanri at Nissan South Africa »
  16. Dynamic capabilities for strategic team performance management: the case of Nissan »
  17. The relationship of strategic performance management to team strategy, company performance and organisational effectiveness »
  18. Contrasting uses of balanced scorecards: case studies at UK companies »
  19. Benchmarking service quality in UK electricity distribution networks »
  20. Bridge over troubled water or long and winding road? Gap-5 in airline service quality performance measures »
  21. The uses and usefulness of reflexive accounts in strategic performance management research »
  22. Hoshin Kanri through the eyes of English Language texts »
  23. Strategic Management and Varieties of Capitalism: Managing Performance in Multinationals after the Global Financial Crisis »
  24. Hoshin Kanri Bibliography »
  25. Hoshin Kanri »