Hoshin Kanri, policy management Hoshin Kanri, policy management

Hoshin Kanri: Hoshin Kanri means policy management, and its practice is not specific to any particular business sector. It is an approach used by management to manage annual strategy, and has four parts. (1) top management formulates a vital few strategic priorities, (2) these strategic priorities are translated into action plans for the coming year by other management and grass roots employees, (3) routine daily management when plans are managed at an operational level, (4) an examination of policy and strategy in an organisation-wide review of performance.


Welcome to www.Hoshin-Kanri.co.uk. This website is maintained by Barry Witcher and Vinh Sum Chau of the Norwich Business School (formerly known as School of Management), University of East Anglia. Its purpose is to disseminate our views about the interlink between Hoshin Kanri, the balanced scorecard and the general and strategic management of objectives. We hope you find it an invaluable resource and that you enjoy using it.

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Hoshin-Kanri Updates

A great example of a relevant interest group is the Performance Management Association on LinkedIn. Here you can keep up-to-date with relevant performance management thinking.

Improving Strategy Management in Operations through Hoshin Kanri

Strategy often fails to be implemented effectively at operational levels. The Japanese developed an approach called Hoshin Kanri to address this, by integrating top-down strategy with bottom-up operational decisions. However, it was not easy to translate Hoshin Kanri directly into Western organisations. ESRC funded research undertaken at NBS by Barry Witcher (at UEA 1996-2013) aimed to address this by co-developing a Hoshin Kanri model with UK-based practitioners. The model has been used within both the private and public sectors and in countries including the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa and Brazil. For example, Witcher's work on Hoshin Kanri has been acknowledged by the NHS and Toyota where he is recommended as the leading European Hoshin Kanri authority.

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About Hoshin-Kanri

It is now over forty years since the first recorded use of Hoshin Kanri and over two decades since the formal introduction of the balanced scorecard, and yet discussion on these is as lively today as ever. The intention of the website is to provide a forum that brings together a wealth of resources to further knowledge in the integration of the two crucial tools for the strategic management of objectives, strategy and operational effectiveness.

  • A key article by Barry Witcher answers what is Hoshin Kanri, written in 1999, as part of an ESRC Innovation Project.
  • A popular article by Derek McKenzie of KITE Innovation Ltd, 2008, is available entitled Hoshin Planning is Alive and Well.
  • It is hoped that researchers and practitioners in this area as well as students of strategic management will find this website an invaluable resource and a useful portal to other websites alike.

Hoshin-Kanri Research

Present research – Our present research is on the synergistic integration of Hoshin Kanri and the balanced scorecard as a mechanism for the management of strategy and operational effectiveness.

Past research – includes a major ESRC sponsored project on the application of Hoshin Kanri in Western Japanese-owned subsidiaries. Other research include a PhD in the application of Hoshin Kanri in Nissan Yamato Engineering (Rosemary Butterworth); business excellence (Ayda Aydin); and the strategic control implications of regulatory policy incentives for the management of UK regulated monopoly network utilities (Vinh Sum Chau).

Hoshin-Kanri Publications

The research of Hoshin Kanri, balanced scorecard and the strategic management of objectives have been published in top international journals such as the Journal of Management Studies, Journal of General Management, British Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, etc., and highly reputable academic and practitioner conferences, such as the British Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, the Performance Measurement Association, etc.

For an extensive list of these papers and abstracts (and free downloads of some of these), please see the full publications page. We welcome comments and feedback on our papers.

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