Organisations that have contributed to our research Organisations that have contributed to our research

The School's strategy for developing research income is underpinned by a fundamental drive for interdisciplinarity in the research that is undertaken. This is supported by the flat research structure of the School and evidenced by the many multidisciplinary grants and increase in income that has been achieved. The majority of our research funding comes from the research councils, but we have also undertaken research for businesses and public sector organisations.

External research activities in NBS are supported by the UEA Research and Enterprise Services (RED) office which will: Advise and support academics in the furtherance of their research and enterprise activities; support research integrity; Manage relationships with a range of funders, partners and organisations; Provide research management information; Support the work of the University's Research and Enterprise Executives; Co-ordinate REF and HEIF submissions and associated activity.

Internal research funding for NBS ATR staff is provided through the Personal Research Fund (PRF). the PRF provides a flexible mechanism for academic staff to access School funds that cover costs for presenting research at academic conferences along with other basic research expenses. The PRF is not intended to act as the main or sole mechanism of research funding support and academic staff are expected to actively pursue other external funding opportunities. on a regular basis as appropriate given their level and experience. PRF's are dispersed as a standard allocation of £3,500 per full-time member of staff per annum (and with the amount subject to an annual review). Staff members needing exceptionally high research funds in excess of their  £3,500 PRF allocation, can apply to the Director of Research  and Enterprise for additional support.  Other internal funding opportunities within UEA include ; Norwich Research Park Translational Fund, Science Links Seed Fund , Proof of Concept (PoC) Fund, ESRC Impact Fund, Strategic Fund and Associate Deans Fund (further details can be found here).

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