08 June 2012, University of East Anglia, Norwich 08 June 2012, University of East Anglia, Norwich

Innovation and creativity thrive when people from different backgrounds work together.  In Norfolk, that's a message few businesses can afford to ignore especially in the current economic climate.  Government statistics confirm that Norwich is now on a par with the rest of the country with approximately 16% of the population being ‘non-white British'. 

The implications, opportunities and challenges this brings were addressed at the event entitled ‘Diversity is everyone's business', held on 08 June at UEA.  A partnership between DECERe, NBS and Carnival Consulting, the event provided a rare opportunity for Norfolk based policy makers, business owners, academics and researchers to share the insights of, and interact with, Professor Monder Ram, MBE and founder of the Centre for Research on Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME) at DeMontfort University. 

Attended by forty five academics, members of the local business community, voluntary organisations, trade unions and policy making bodies, the event was warmly received by all who attended.  Follow-up meetings are planned and requests were received for future activities including the creation of a steering group to plan and undertake a regional BME business mapping exercise, collaboration with BITC regarding mentoring and using the 12/8 model developed by CREME, and a follow up event at NBS to share the results of the mapping exercise and to discuss their implications.