Areas of Research for Postgraduate Research Applications Areas of Research for Postgraduate Research Applications

Primary Supervisor: Dr Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugh
Broad Area: Business-2-Business Marketing
Potential Projects: Sales Management, Sales and Marketing interface, B2B Marketing

Primary Supervisor: Dr Georgios Chrysochoidls
Broad Area: Consumer Behaviour
Potential Projects: Consumer-Led Product Innovation, Food Research, Product Labelling


Second Supervisor: Dr Jasmin Baumann
Broad Area: Service Marketing
Potential Projects: Relationship Marketing in Service Industries, Buyer-Seller Interaction, The Co-creation of Value


Second Supervisor: Dr Nick Yip
Broad Area: Service Marketing
Potential Projects: Pricing of Services, Co-Creation of Value in Service Offering, Service Transformation

Primary Supervisor: Dr Zografia Bika
Broad Area: Entrepreneurship and Business Relationships.
Potential Projects: The Relational Context of Family and Institutional Entrepreneurship, Rural Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Perceptions of the Place, Entrepreneurial Failure and the Learning Ability

Second Supervisor: Dr Haya Al-Dajani
Broad Area: Entrepreneurship and Gender.
Potential Projects: Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies, Entrepreneurship in Higher Education, Gender and Entrepreneurship