Areas of Research for Postgraduate Research Applications Areas of Research for Postgraduate Research Applications

Primary Supervisor: Professor Fiona Lettice

Broad Area : Innovation Management

Potential Projects: Open Innovation, Green Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, Responsible Innovation, Ambidextrous organisations, (Early) supplier involvement in innovation processes - theoretical lenses could include for example social capital, institutional theory, resource based view

Primary Supervisor: Dr Nikolaos Korfiatis

Broad Area : Business Analytics

Potential Projects: Online consumer reviews, analytics of product returns, Mobile commerce, Marketing Analytics, Sharing economy and competition.

Primary Supervisor: Professor Andrew Fearne

Broad Area : Value Chain Management

Potential Projects: Optimisation of retail promotions, sustainable trading relationships, value chain analysis, intervention strategies for sustainable food systems – healthy eating, bio-diversity and ethical foods


Primary Supervisor: Dr Nishikant Mishra

Broad Area : Operations Management

Potential Projects: Supply chain management, healthcare planning and scheduling, mathematical modelling, heuristics and algorithms, lean and agile systems, case-based reasoning, multi-criteria decision analysis, modelling of uncertainty by fuzzy sets, meta-heuristics, hyper-heuristics and multi-agent systems


Primary Supervisor: James Cornford

Broad Area: Organisational Change

Potential Projects: multi-agency organisational change in the public sector, organisational change associated with information and communication technologies, big data, regional development processes and management in the cultural and creative industries.