Supervision Supervision

PGR students are normally assigned two or three supervisors in their chosen research area. They then work closely with their supervisors and receive feedback on their research ideas, design, analysis, and findings on a regular basis. Please note it is not the responsibility of the supervisory team to provide ideas for research, the thesis should be an independent piece of work reflecting the students' abilities and ideas.

See our staff members and their research interests.

Finding the right supervisory team for your MPhil/PhD project is vital. It can be the deciding factor in choosing a place to study, and can have a major impact on the outcome of your research.

NBS staff put great emphasis on developing close working relationships with their students. A successful relationship brings benefits to both parties; your experience can inform your supervisor's research while their expertise will help shape yours.

We also encourage students to work collaboratively with their supervisory team to publish joint papers on the basis of the thesis and any joint research projects.

All our supervisors are committed to contributing to research on sustainable businesses and this is also reflected in their supervision. Members of our research groups publish their research in leading international journals and NBS staff edit or serve on the editorial boards on a number of high-impact journals.

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