Doctoral research student at the Norwich Business School, with an MSc. background in Health Promotion and Public Health, and BSc. in Biological Sciences. Also work experience in the health sector and local authority.

My research interest is well-being. I’m currently focusing on the well-being of staff who work in Care settings. I’m exploring the potential of well-being at work being conceptualised as a set of skills which could be measured at any point in an individual’s working life. I’m also exploring the possibility of these skills being enhanced, and the potential role which employers could play.

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Watson, D., Tregaskis, O., Gedikli, C., Vaughn, O., Semkina, A.


Well-being through learning: A systematic review of learning interventions in the workplace and their impact on well-being,

in European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology



pp. 247-268

Full Text UEA Repository



Daniels, K., Gedikli, C., Watson, D., Semkina, A., Vaughn, O.


Job design, employment practices and well-being: a systematic review of intervention studies,

in Ergonomics



pp. 1177-1196

Full Text UEA Repository