Name Job Title
Mrs Sarah Allen Lecturer
Mr James Armes Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Lukman Aroean Lecturer in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
Dr Shahin Assadinia Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Alfonso Avila-Merino Lecturer in Innovation Management
Dr Marijana Baric Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Dr Pat Barrow Lecturer in Business Information Systems
Dr Angelo Benozzo Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour
Dr Arijit Bhattacharya Senior Lecturer in Operations & Supply Chain Management
Dr Zografia Bika Senior Lecturer
Mrs Loretta Bond Lecturer in Accounting and Taxation
Dr Tiago Botelho Lecturer in Business Strategy
Professor Frances Bowen Pro-Vice Chancellor for Social Sciences
Mr Julian Campbell Lecturer in Management Consultancy
Professor Ratula Chakraborty Professor of Business Management
Professor Konstantinos Chalvatzis Professor of Sustainable Energy Business
Dr Yifan Chen Lecturer in Finance
Professor Sara Connolly Professor of Personnel Economics
Mr James Cornford Senior Lecturer
Dr Francesca Cuomo Lecturer in Corporate Governance