Academic Background

Jason MacVaugh: Lecturer in Management

To borrow from Gosling and Mintzberg (2006), my perspective is: ‘Management Education as if both matter.’

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Research and teaching interests

My research is multifaceted, but has several major streams.
The first is Comparative Human Resource Management, where my major interest lies in flexible aspects of Resourcing, Labour and the management of Knowledge Workers, in different national contexts.

The second is Knowledge and Innovation Management, where I am interested in the socio-technical process organisations use to solve the challenge of integrating new technology into current operations or products.
The third is Internationalisation, where I am interested in the knowledge practices SMEs employ to engage with international markets.

Finally, and increasingly of late, my work in Higher Education Pedagogy and Practice. This reflects my teaching and personal development resulting from efforts to employ Problem-based Learning, Active Learning, and Integrative Projects.
In my teaching - and more importantly, during learning – I follow the principles of Active Learning, with a strong bias for Problem-based Learning. This is because, in my experience, Active Learning is the best possible basis for inclusivity as it engenders engagement independent of the learner's educational background. I also rely on Problem-based Learning for Business Management students as, in this field more than many, there are no 'right' answers. Understanding, resolving and reflecting on significant 'real world' problems ultimately teaches them as much as the collective body of writing upon which my courses are based.