Global Challenges for the Food Industry Global Challenges for the Food Industry

Module organiser: Institute of Food Research


From geographical distribution and diversification, to the organisation of international trade and regulations; global poverty, climate change and the use of land and water, to GMOs, fish depletion and soil and crop yields; this module focuses on the challenges faced by food production, processing and trade.

Aims and Objectives

On completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand structure, composition and future developments regarding food agriculture, and food production and trade

  • Acknowledge the substantial challenges facing food security

  • Recognise the issues around the use of resources and the environmental footprint of agriculture and food

  • Comprehend the reasons for poverty and poor health in relation to mismanagement of global food systems.

Learning outcomes

A better understanding of each link in the global food supply chain, together with upcoming issues and the implication of new developments will help you prepare more efficiently for making business decisions in the context of individual initiatives and enterprises in this field.


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