Investment Appraisal and Valuation Investment Appraisal and Valuation

Module organiser: Professor Raphael Markellos


You will gain a firm grounding in the principles of financial management and decision-making within companies, becoming familiar with investment appraisal techniques and the decisions around capital budgeting, as well as the valuation of the company itself. Sources of finance, capital structure, risk and return are topics that can be explored in the Corporate Finance option later in the year.

Aims and Objectives

On completion of this module, you will have an understanding of the following:

  • Investment Appraisal: This involves the analysis of investment projects, incorporating risk, tax, an introduction to the cost of capital and rates of return. This will include the basics of hedging and international finance as applied to investment appraisal

  • Capital Budgeting: This will delve into the practical applications of investment appraisal techniques within a corporate context. It looks into issues that companies may encounter as they are constrained by capital budgets

  • Valuation: An introduction to the art of business valuation providing an overview of theoretical valuation techniques, the factors enhancing value and methods of realising value, including mergers and acquisitions and the market for corporate control.

Learning outcomes

Together with numeracy and quantitative skills, you will leave with a range of talents that can be applied to real-life situations. You will have gained the ability to scan and organise financial data, abstracting meaning from information, and selecting the best channels through which to share your knowledge. Using learned decision-making techniques, you will understand how to identify, assess and solve business problems. Also, preparing clear, coherent and concise business reports will be second nature to you, as will your capacity to conduct meaningful research into business and management issues.


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