Customer Focus and Digital Marketing Customer Focus and Digital Marketing

Module organiser: Dr Nick Yip and Dr Usha Sundaram


This module advances the students’ understanding of the consumer (customer) by focusing on digital and service marketing. While strategic marketing often focuses on planning, developing and continuously creating the firm’s future to ensure sustainable competitive advantage, today’s firm must learn to adapt its marketing activities and ground its understanding in the reality of its chosen markets. That usually begins with understanding the customer.

This module draws on digital marketing and service theories by highlighting different models, case studies and industry experience. It proposes to develop strategic thinking for marketers in a highly challenging technological world, and to help lead firms in facing future challenges in a more connected service economy.

Aims and Objectives

The learning objectives of this module are to:

  • Prepare students for a more in-depth look at the study of the customer and the firm’s marketing strategy and planning in areas of “digital” and “service” marketing.
  • Provide students with practical skills, knowledge, and experience in how firms use and implement market-driven approaches such as social media, online presence, revenue management, and technology in implementing marketing strategy.
  • Prepare students in understanding how customer focused market driven strategy is developed, implemented, and sustained in the face of competition.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Explore and understand better key success factors and major trends in today’s business environment and how these elements impact future market planning and the execution of strategies.
  • Understand the nature of digital marketing strategy, the relevant processes involved in developing it and how to design and implement a strategic marketing plan for an organisation
  • Identify, analyse and utilise knowledge of the marketing environment, both internal and external to the company and understand the nature of having competitive advantage.
  • Understand the different philosophies in digital marketing strategy and their relevance for the firms’ decision making.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the extent of service marketing strategies, i.e. from consumer behaviour and the need to relate product formulation to customer needs.
  • Appreciate the differences between the different levels and types of marketing principles and revisit them from the marketing environment to marketing channels, and from pricing decisions to market planning under both a digital and service perspective.
  • Analyse competitive marketing strategies from a digital and service perspective. 
  • Show an overall understanding of the operational tools in digital and service marketing, and in particular a closer look at revenue management theories and tactical practice market segmentation product, promotional techniques in the extended marketing mix.

Please note: This information is subject to review and change without notice.