Warwick Bowen, MBA General 2010 Warwick Bowen, MBA General 2010

Soon after completing his year-long MBA course, Warwick Bowen was successful in competing for a new job in London as International Sales Manager at Colebrook Bosson Saunders, who design and engineer ergonomic accessories for the workspace.

Before studying the full-time General MBA at Norwich Business School, Warwick had spent more than 15 years working in the construction and building materials industry in the United Arab Emirates.  While in his most recent position there - at the international architectural and building supplier, Forms + Surface - Warwick set up a new Middle Eastern base for the firm and within the first three years of business his new UAE office was on track to secure US$2million of orders through project tracking and sales initiatives with contractors, consultants and developers.  Despite this success, he detected a change was coming to the construction industry in that part of the world and late in 2009 decided to relocate his family back to the UK…

‘The reasons I had chosen to leave a well paying job in the Middle East were primarily linked to the economic downturn and my understanding that the market (the construction industry) I was selling to was facing one of its biggest crises in that particular geographical region.  What's more, I felt I had reached the top of the tree in my field and required a new qualification to progress my career further.  Finally, bearing in mind that I had worked in the Middle East all of my working life and had limited experience in Europe, I saw the MBA as a catalyst towards getting employment outside of the Middle Eastern region.'

‘I've nothing against the Middle East, I loved it there and will return, but I did not want to be limited in my career options for the future.'

‘I have to say that the MBA was one of the most challenging and intensive periods of my life, with many highs and a few lows.  It's a big decision and I would urge anyone considering an MBA to think long and hard about what you wish to gain from the qualification and the course.'

‘I had been out of education for a number of years and reacquainting myself with writing assignments and sitting exams was one of the more challenging issues for me.  Once I understood how to tackle these things, the grades soon got better for me.'

‘I am incredibly pleased, and somewhat surprised, to say that it all went pretty much to plan!  The MBA provided me with everything I could have hoped for - a significant qualification, a wider understanding of the business environment, new skills and a catalyst towards gaining employment in Europe.'

‘Shortly after completing the MBA I made job hunting a full-time occupation and came across the opportunity with Colebrook Bosson Saunders as International Sales Manager.  The MBA prepared me for a rigorous selection process that lasted a few months and several rounds of scrutinising.'

‘My new job is proving very challenging – there's a long list of major strategic issues to overcome but it is always refreshing to dip into one of the MBA modules and utilise some of the tools my past learning has provided me with.'