Neeraj Kharpate, MBA General 2010 Neeraj Kharpate, MBA General 2010

Before studying at Norwich Business School Neeraj gained a mechanical engineering degree and landed some high-end ITC employment in India. From 2006 to 2009 Neeraj worked for IRT Computer Solutions India Pvt Ltd, a business intelligence consultancy firm headquartered in Singapore. During his tenure with IRT, he was assigned some major clients, to manage their new business intelligence software installations, most notably Adidas Retail Pte Ltd in Singapore and Tata AIG General Insurance in Mumbai, India. He was also involved in the presales activities of the company and handled clients across Asia Pacific. Although Neeraj's career was going well, he felt he needed some extra skills to handle his business intelligence consultancy clients even better. Taking this into account, he decided to go for an MBA degree and in 2009 applied for UEA's General Masters in Business Administration course.

Speaking about his experience at UEA, Neeraj says -

‘For me, the key differentiator between the MBA at UEA and any other European university was the consultancy projects they offered. Doing the live commercial consultancy work as part of our studies helped me to keep in touch with the professional world while at the same time completing my MBA degree.'

‘The Management Consultancy module at Norwich Business School surely taught me the right skills to handle a client appropriately so that both the consultant and client reap proper benefit from their association. Although I was working as a consultant before I started as a student again, I felt I was not working as effectively as I could have been - my response to critical situations in a project was not always for the best.'

‘For me, the consultancy projects proved to be a much better experience than regular masters dissertations. They helped me to apply my theoretical knowledge in a practical world. They are a very good platform for professionals intending to start a career in consultancy or even for professionals who already have worked as consultants but want to acquire the desired skills to handle an entire consultancy project.'

‘The direct exposure to live projects in a real business situation gives you the feel of the market which I believe is the most important aspect of a consultancy project. The management consultancy lectures also give clear theoretical insights into business ethics and culture which are so very important.'

‘I worked with Shaping Norfolk's Future - a county economic development partnership in Norfolk and the InCrops Project - an enterprise working for the commercialisation of new bio-renewable and low carbon products. Both the clients gave me an opportunity to work on different areas of a business, further broadening my understanding and skills.'

‘My new-found confidence in taking on consultancy projects has helped me to secure a post in the United Kingdom with a business intelligence consultancy firm - Informance Ltd – based in Warwick.' The experience I had in the two consultancies during my studies has helped me a lot in this job. There is a renewed vigour and confidence in my approach towards my clients, and I believe my negotiation and persuasion skills have improved, putting both my client and the company in a win-win situation.'

‘All in all, an experience to remember!'