Abhinandh Bhaskar - MBA General 2010 Abhinandh Bhaskar - MBA General 2010

When Abhinandh Bhaskar completed the full-time MBA at UEA in December 2010 he left Norwich for a new position with KPMG in Qatar.  As a Management Consultant - Strategy & Operations at KPMG Qatar, he is currently working as a business consultant in the area of strategy, product development and business operations.

Amongst the recent experiences in this role he has developed a corporate strategy for one of the largest real estate companies in Qatar, assisting the client in producing a roadmap to achieve its long-term goals.  Another of his engagements was to develop a set of performance benchmarking procedures for several departments in one of the largest oil companies in Qatar.

Just before starting the MBA at Norwich Business School, Abhinandh was working as a Business Analyst for iSOFT Pvt Ltd.  Before that he had been working in the USA, UK and India for multinational clients such as Thomson, UPS and the National Health Service (NHS).  With such a varied and interesting career, we asked him why he decided to pursue a business degree to masters level? -

‘First let me say that the decision to do an MBA was a very tough one for me.  But I am glad I made that decision – it has definitely helped me accomplish what I have always wanted for my career.  I had two main reasons for doing an MBA.  The first was to get an overall understanding of how business works, and at the same time I wanted to do something to change my career from IT to management consulting.  During the interview for my job at KPMG, I could see that my MBA degree along with the Diploma in Management Consulting had given me an extra edge over the other candidates.'

‘Now that I'm in the post I am enjoying the varied and dynamic work environment at KPMG Qatar.  I need to be ready for all kinds of assignments, ranging from developing corporate and business strategies to streamlining supply chains and operations, and advising clients on mergers and acquisitions.  I keep thinking about the MBA at UEA and the experience I got from the two consultancy project assignments we were given there.  The fundamental approach and principles in consulting are the same be it in a UEA student consultancy project or any professional consulting assignment that I work on now for KPMG.'

‘When I look back, one of the things I value most about the MBA was the all the knowledge and experience my friends had in the cohort and which was available to me to help me with my studies.  Interacting with people from such diverse backgrounds and cultures has been an unforgettable experience for me - there was so much teamwork with people sharing their experience, ideas and interests.  Believe me, there is a tremendous amount of learning that happens outside the business school classroom, and I really miss that now.'

‘On the subject of classrooms, I should add that the UEA facilities are excellent, our year was lucky enough to be the first to enjoy the new facilities at the Thomas Paine building.  The library at UEA is really well equipped with all the latest books and they were pretty useful when doing my assignments.  The UEA Sportspark is world class - I have no words to describe how good the campus is for students like me!'

‘Another big thing for me is that Norwich is a very nice place to live and study.  It's calm, quiet, safe and the people are friendly.  Overall it is an experience I will always cherish – being in Norwich and studying at UEA.'