Tom Fadden, MSc Brand Leadership graduate Tom Fadden, MSc Brand Leadership graduate


MSc Brand Leadership



"My introduction to specialist areas of business such as entrepreneurship and small business and strategic brand management throughout my undergraduate degree, alongside successful marketing and social media internships with the evolve internship program led to the development of my interest in branding as a career.

Throughout my time on the brand leadership programme I have had the opportunity to work with leading practitioners and academics in the field of branding and apply the knowledge and skills I have developed to a branding consultancy project for an international whiskey Company. One of the highlights of the MSc is working with an international cohort that shares, challenges and extends my enthusiasm for branding from day one.

What struck me as particularly special about the brand leadership program is that everything we learnt in lectures and seminars was extended and tested from a practical point of view and I believe this has been key to my personal and career development.  Over the course of the MSc I met a number of industry professionals that gave master classes on a weekly basis. Two of the classes that have helped me the most in my career to date were ‘brands tone of voice' and a master class on social media branding.

In addition, there were several field trips throughout the year some of my favourites included Chiswick Park, Adnams and the Museum of brands. These visits spark my curiosity and deepened my understanding of how some of the leading brands work. UEA and the MSc programme have a fantastic support network of staff in a friendly and welcoming environment; this was also a major factor in my decision to continue studying at UEA.

Over the summer (2012) I was given the opportunity to teach branding master classes and workshops to visiting summer school students. This fantastic opportunity came about through the brand leadership programmes vast network of contacts. This teaching role allowed me to apply the skills I've learnt throughout my MSc and helped significantly as I began to embark on my dissertation.

Since the completion of my dissertation in September I have successfully secured a marketing internship and I have no doubt that the knowledge skills and experiences I gained throughout my MSc were fundamental in securing this position. I'm sure that my career is going to be a challenging, interesting and enthralling one. Lastly, I would like to thank all those on the MSc brand leadership program, Norwich business school and UEA for an amazing year!"