Matthew Legon, BSc Business Management graduate Matthew Legon, BSc Business Management graduate


BSc Business Management



Put simply, UEA made me the person I am today. It is a truly outstanding university where you are encouraged to grow as a student and as a person on so many levels. UEA is a safe, friendly place situated in some of the most beautiful grounds in Norfolk. Whether you want to have a BBQ outside Norfolk Terrace or go for a run around the lake, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy everything that UEA has to offer. From amazing sports and social clubs to the best students union in the country, UEA really does cater for just about everyone.

From my perspective I wanted a university which gave me the opportunity to be actively involved in several sports clubs, have a great social life and study for a Business Management degree which would give me tools needed for a successful career in business. I found all of this and more at UEA.

Studying at Norwich Business School was a real pleasure. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by teaching staff who actually cared about their students and who offered real life experiences as well as the knowledge and skills needed to engage in a successful business career. Looking back at my career to date, I am confident that without the core skills learnt and excellent teaching experiences from all within NBS, I wouldn't be where I am today.

I am excited to now be coming back to NBS as a company director to offer my expertise, knowledge and real life experiences involved in building a successful business. I hope to inspire my students the way that UEA and NBS inspired me.

Matthew Legon is now the Company Director of Gnaw Chocolate.