Kate Kenneally, BSc Accounting and Finance graduate Kate Kenneally, BSc Accounting and Finance graduate


BSc Accounting and Finance



"The Norwich Business School has enriched my entire university experience. I came to university three years ago with a very specific goal – to work at PwC as an auditor. Thanks to the outstanding teaching and guidance within NBS, I will be embarking upon my chosen career this September.

The rigorous academic standards set by the school, combined with excellent instruction both challenged and motivated me to achieve the most from my time at university. In addition to providing us with interesting and informative lectures and seminars, the lecturers also afforded us a personal touch. Even though there were hundreds of people in my year, lecturers could greet us by name and took the time to make each of us feel like an individual. I can directly attribute being offered my ideal job to my course - learning and developing a strong work ethic coupled with specific accounting and business skills provided me with many of the proficiencies that PwC were looking for. Hopefully I will be able to build on these skills over the coming years in order to progress my career to perhaps one day become partner.

Although I am incredibly sad to be leaving NBS, I am excited to begin my accounting career this autumn. I know that I owe my job placement in large part to my school and thanks to the course structure and quality, I will be exempt from nearly half of the professional ACA exams that I would be due to take over the next three years. I will always think back on my time at NBS with appreciation and gratitude."