Claire Carter, MSc Business Management graduate Claire Carter, MSc Business Management graduate


MSc Business Management



"I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at UEA, studying Business Management. Being a campus University it has such a social feel and there are always things happening to get involved with. Some of the best times are in the summer months when everyone spends their time by the lake. Nothing is ever too far away on campus, and this was what I loved because you always had an opportunity to get involved or simply hang out with friends. As for studying, Business Management at UEA covers such a vast range of modules teaching you so many different important aspects of business. Upon graduating from UEA I feel I am fully equipped with knowledge to enter any business role and be successful as I have studied everything from finance to business law. There were some really interesting coursework assignments, one of my favourites was for principles of marketing where we were required to design a new nightclub and devise a marketing plan for that. It really keeps you entertained whilst you struggle through day after day in the library!

I am currently working as a Financial Analyst, and use knowledge from my degree every day, from macro economics to Gantt charts. From here I hope to develop my career to eventually work in strategy, as this was the area that most interested my throughout University. I feel that, had I not studied at UEA, these career options would not have opened up for myself, as the course helped me broaden my knowledge of business in practice and showed me options that I never knew existed prior."