Chris Spencer, BSc Accounting and Finance graduate Chris Spencer, BSc Accounting and Finance graduate


BSc Accounting and Finance



"Studying at UEA gave me the chance to learn a number of key skills and knowledge key to success in the accounting field, in a safe and friendly environment; along with a great night life and the chance to meet a wide variety of new people. Through undertaking my degree I have been able to benefit from a number of exemptions from exams which make up part of the professional qualification that I am currently studying for alongside my work. My job involves dealing with a number of different clients, and by getting involved in the student recruitment process whilst attending the university, I was able to improve on a number of the more "softer" skills which are essential in my line of work as an auditor. I hope to progress my career further, either through working my way up the Deloitte ladder, or by seeking a different challenge with a job in industry. I feel that UEA, and the Business School, helped give me the core skills and competencies required to get me where I am now, and achieve all that I have and hope to in the future."