Music Award Holders 2014-15 Music Award Holders 2014-15

Please find below bios written by our previous Music Award holders. Click on each name to find out more about the students and learn how they have benefited from their awards.

UEA Music Award Holders Profiles UEA Music Award Holders Profiles

Poppy Damazer (BIO) - Mezzo Soprano

I’m Poppy and I’m a 1st year biomedicine undergraduate.  I sing in the UEA choir and as well as being a Music Award holder I am a choral scholar at St. Peter Mancroft Church as a soprano. I love singing pieces from musicals and have achieved my grade 8 in musical theatre. I am now working towards my diploma in classical singing which I am enjoying, but it can be very daunting. I do a lot of singing, it’s very important to me and it’s great to have the environment, encouragement and support at the University.

Tim Ellison (BIO) - Tenor

Hi, I’m Tim. I’m currently doing a PhD in BIO, but have been a keen singer since I was about 13 (now singing tenor). I’m currently trying to improve my technique and the Music Award has really helped to fund lessons.  At the moment I’m working on singing Handel stuff and Italian arias in general but looking forward to moving into opera and lieder, both of which will be big challenges. I’m a member of Choir and our recent Messiah with period instrument orchestra was a highlight. As an Award holder, I’ve also had the opportunity to perform in recital.

Umaymah El-Khamlichi (BIO) - Vocals

Hello, I’m Umaymah. While I was at school I attained a Grade 8 distinction in singing, as well as playing both piano and viola. I also discovered that what I really wanted in music is to write and perform songs. I wasn’t sure what would happen when I came to UEA to do a science degree but in the event the Music Centre and the Live Music Society have both been really welcoming. I’m ambitious for my music and want to take it as far as I can. The Music Award has helped me to pursue this ambition – I have singing lessons and sing with Choir.  It also allows me to continue with my own personal studio. 

Sarah Gunn (NBS) - Soprano

I'm Sarah and I'm currently studying for a Master’s in Business Management. When I'm not overloaded with lectures and coursework, I love to sing and get all of the stress out! I'm currently a Choir manager and have a solo repertoire based at the moment in French song. I’m taking first steps into opera and I am also a huge fan of musicals, especially Sondheim. I believe very strongly in the value of music to the University and I’ve been involved in the Music Steering Group and the Music Centre Committee to make sure the student voice is heard. The Music Award has supported me in developing as a singer and encouraged me to take part in the shaping of music in the University but fundamentally it has helped me to carry on doing something I love.

Abielle Hallas (DEV) - Cello

Hi, I’m Abielle. I’m a first year studying Geography and International Development. I’ve been playing the cello since I was 8, and have been in various orchestras (and other pop-up ensembles) for roughly 7 years. I’m currently playing in the UEA SO (for which I am also on the committee), as well as taking lessons to work on my technique and expanding my solo repertoire. I have also taken the chance to collaborate with other musicians to combine a cello with more pop and rock music. The Music Award has helped to put me at the centre of things and, though combining music with my degree is a challenge at times, it has been very satisfying.

Lydia Lockyer (AMA) - Soprano

Hi, I'm Lydia. I'm currently in my first year studying Art History. I've been a keen singer since I was quite young and since then have enjoyed singing a range of styles from musical theatre and folk and now, more recently, to opera. I really enjoy singing Mozart arias and exploring new repertoire - I am currently working on Faure songs. When I feel I need a break from classical singing, I love listening to and singing musical theatre - especially Stephen Sondheim - and I’m a keen saxophonist. I’m involved in lots of music at UEA, from Choir to Concert Band and solo singing opportunities. The Music Award has made a big difference – allowing me to continue lessons – but just getting involved in lots of what is going on has been great.

Yuki Matoba (DEV) - Marimba

I am currently playing marimba in UEA Wind Brass. I have been playing it since I was eight, taking private lessons. I have mainly played as a soloist and in a brass band, but have been interested in playing with classical or jazz ensembles through the student-led Music Society. As a Music Award holder I know I’m in touch with all the opportunities going, including those for playing solo. Music Society in particular has also been a great social mix which I have really enjoyed. 

Josh Millhouse (PPL) - Clarinet

I’m Josh and I’m currently a first year student studying ‘Translation and Interpreting with Japanese and Spanish’. Aside from my love for languages, I also am very keen on music, and have been playing an instrument of some sort since the age of 5 years old. I studied music at both GCSE and A-level, as it has been a subject area that I’ve always enjoyed. I’m a member of the Concert band, Clarinet group, and Big Band - playing the clarinet in all. I actually started playing the clarinet as part of a fund raising event my school’s music department ran, involving students learning an instrument they had never played before. It was at this point I picked up the clarinet for the first time and took grade one. Now, nearly three years later, I have never looked back and am preparing to take grade 7 ABRSM. Because I started late and hadn’t reached a very advanced standard by the time I came to UEA, I wondered whether I would be able to get involved. As it is, the ensembles I play in are huge fun and the Music Award has allowed me to aim high as a clarinettist and really continue to develop.

Amisha Modasia (BIO) - Flute

I am a grade 8 flautist currently working towards my Diploma. I play in UEA SO, UEA Music Society Concert Band, Big Band (for which I play Saxophone), and Flute Choir (which I lead). The performances are the aspect of music I enjoy the most, the satisfaction of the hard work paying off. The Music Award has been very encouraging in the preparation of my Diploma, giving me a recital opportunity and feedback. Starting, leading, and organising Flute Choir has been hard work but good practice in teamwork, UEA SO repertoire has been both challenging and satisfying, and Music Society ensembles are huge fun.

Liam Self (CMP) - Bass

Hi, I'm Liam and I'm in my first year studying for a BSc in Computing Science. I've been singing on and off since I was young but only started properly training my voice during my A Levels. I feel I've made quite a bit of progress over this period but still have a lot of work to do! Mostly I enjoy singing early 20th century folk song (Vaughan Williams, Finzi, John Ireland etc), as well as songs from musicals (where my voice will allow!) but I'm looking to branch out into more ambitious operatic pieces in the future. The Music Award has put me in touch with a teacher, helped me fund lessons, and given me opportunities.