underpinning research to health services policies and systems underpinning research to health services policies and systems

Our focus is on developing translational research themes that answer important health questions, from an understanding of the basic mechanisms and genetics of disease through to clinical trials and from there to incorporation into clinical guidelines and evaluation within the broader health care community.

The Medical School has a vision to build a clinical and translational research programme of international standing based on the existing strengths of the Medical School, University of East Anglia (UEA), The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) and the Norwich Research Park (NRP).

The presence of 3 BBSRC research institutes on the Norwich Research Park (Institute of Food Research (IFR), John Innes Centre (JIC), The Earlham Institute (EI) provides unique opportunities not available to other comparable medical schools.

Preventive medicine is a major goal for 21st century medicine. The role of diet in the prevention of a wide spectrum of disease will be a particular focus of our research. We will incorporate this with parallel strategies to understand the epidemiology and health economic impact of the conditions studied.


Addiction Research at UEA produces high quality multidisciplinary research evidence to impact upon people who are affected by addiction, including service users, carers, health professionals and policy makers.

Cancer Studies

Research is primarily focused on prostate cancer and haematologic malignancies (leukaemia and myeloma).

Clinical Science and Trials

Research focuses on cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease and chest medicine with an emphasis on clinical trials.


This research focuses on the effects on population health of genes, the environment, behaviour, nutrition, infection and policy.

Gastroenterology and Gut Biology

Research focuses intestinal inflammation and the interaction of the gut microbiome, intestinal epithelial cells and mucosal immune system.

Health Economics

Health economics research revolves around a central theme of decision-making in health care.

Health Services Research

Research investigates the effectiveness, efficiency, equity and acceptability of health care.

Medical Microbiology

Research in medical microbiology at the UEA ranges from fundamental studies on proteins and genes to investigations of the public health impact of water supply in developing countries.

Musculoskeletal Science

The Musculoskeletal Science aims to improve musculoskeletal health in patients, the frail elderly and individuals subject to tissue injury.


Research is focused on contemporary public health problems in the UK, including conditions related to obesity, chronic diseases that are responsive to diet, and nutritional issues associated with the ageing population.

Psychological Sciences

We undertake studies which underpin the development and evaluation of psychological interventions and aim to address the personal, economic and social impacts of severe mental illness.

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