International applicants who are shortlisted and offered an interview undertake two interviews. The first interview will address academic and research topics and the second is concerned with clinical and personal issues.

The interviews can take place a t a variety of locations including the UEA campus or via video conferencing / Skype. Last year we were fortunate to be able to offer a week of interview dates in Singapore and Malaysia. We will notify you of the options for interview and further arrangements for each option in a separate email. We advise that candidates should arrange to video conference from their work or academic base if they elect to be interviewed in this way. There are three people on the interview panel, including Programme staff and clinical supervisors.  All interviews are conducted using the same script; this helps with equal opportunities and is used to help interviewers rate each applicant in relation to a person specification.

Interview Process

There will be two interviews one addressing Academic and Research topics and the other concerned with Clinical issues.

The first interview will focus on Academic matters. We expect this to last a maximum of 30 minutes. After the Academic Interview has finished there will be a break to prepare for the Clinical interview which will last for a similar length of time 

The Clinical interview will start at around 50 minutes after the Academic interview and we will notify you of the precise times of this on the day.  Normal University adjustments for disability are offered to candidates who can provide evidence of this. 

Academic Interview

In the academic interview we will examine your understanding of clinical research and you will be asked about how you would contribute to the programmes of research that are carried out by members of the staff team.

The academic interview will include questions about your academic knowledge and you will also be asked specific questions on research design and data analysis and will last about 30 minutes. You will be told when the Academic interview is over.

Clinical Interview

Once the academic interview is completed the same three interviewers will also interview you for the Clinical interview.

The Clinical interview will also last about 30 minutes and initially you will be asked questions about the clinical case example. You will also be asked questions relating to your own clinical experiences. You will be told when the Clinical interview is over. You will also have the opportunity to ask the interviewers questions about any aspects of the ClinPsyD programme at UEA.

Documents to Read Prior to interview

We ask all those invited to interview to familiarise themselves with the documents below which provide further details about the course.

Overview of School and Programme [PDF]

Additional Information for Applicants [PDF]

Programme Staff [PDF]

Staff Research Interests [PDF]

Research [PDF]

Clinical Experience [PDF]

Information about Clinical Psychology Services in our Region [PDF]

Personal Support [PDF]

Job Description [PDF]

Person Specification [PDF]

NHS Constitution [PDF]

The 6Cs [PDF]

Bases within our Region

We cover a large geographical area, and each successful applicant will be allocated a base.  Applicants who are offered an interview are asked to indicate their preferences for allocation to a particular base, but we cannot guarantee that successful applicants will receive their preferred base. The preferences expressed do not affect any aspect of the selection process. Further information about bases and a map of the region can be found within the Bases document.


All candidates must supply us with proof of their identity and their home address.  If we are interviewing you via Skype we would ask you to notify us whether you have already provided this as part of your original application or not. If not, we would we would ask you to email us a photocopy of this ahead of the interview. If we are interviewing you in person please bring the original documentation and a photocopy of each document that provides proof of your identity and home address with you to the interview.  The photocopies of the documentation will be verified against the original and kept by the University.

Forms to complete

Please complete the below forms and return them at the points in the process that have been indicated.

Criminal Record Form [Word] - return prior to interview

References Form [Word] - return prior to interview

ID Declaration Form [Word] - bring with you to the interview

Base Preference Form [Word] - bring with you to the interview

We are unable to reimburse interview expenses.