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Programme Handbooks

The Programme Handbooks for the University of East Anglia Doctorate in Clinical Psychology are designed to be a joint resource for Trainees and Clinical Practice Placement Supervisors. They are to be used as a reference text for any issues associated with the Programme in general.

There are four handbooks in total:

The Programme [PDF] - Welcome; Introduction to the Programme; Core Values and Philosophy; Programme Governance; Practical Information; Complaints

Clinical Practice and Employment [PDF] - Contact Details; Clinical Practice Placements; Confidentiality and Consent; Host Employment; Personal and Professional Development and Support Systems; Transition to Qualified Status; Useful Policies and Documents; Appendices

Research [PDF] - Welcome and Overview; Research Culture; Aims and Intended Learning Outcomes; Assignments Overview; Who's Who in Research on the ClinPsyD Programme?; Ethical and Research Governance Approval; Research Module Teaching; Research Assignments; Thesis Portfolio; Acknowledgments

Academic [PDF] - Welcome; Overview; Teaching and Learning; Active Participation in Teaching; Assessment and Assignments; Research Assignments; Foramtive Assignments (Research); Pecha Kucha; Trainee Research Presentation; Servce Related Project Proposal (SRPP); Summative Assignments (Research); Open Book Statistics Exam; Thesis Proposal; Thesis Portfolio; Servce Related Project (SRP) Report; Clinical Assignments; Formative Assignments (Clinical); Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs); Summative Assignments (Clinical); Case Reports and Clinical Practice Report; Oral Case Presentation Examinations (known as 'the Orals'); Recorded Process Report (RPR); Assessment of Clinical Practice Placements


Supervisor Placement Forms

Initial Placement Contract [MSWord]

Supervisor's End of Placement [MSWord]

UEA Mid-Placement Review - Advisor Feedback [MSWord]

Guidelines for Supervisors [MSWord]