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Dervisevic, S.


Emergence of the Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa,

in Examining the Role of Environmental Change on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pandemics.

IGI Global

pp. 163-177

ISBN 9781522505532, 1522505539

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Edmunds, K., Abd Elrahman, S., Bell, D., Brainard, J., Dervisevic, S., P Fedha, T., Few, R., Howard, G., Lake, I., Maes, P., Matofari, J., Minnigh, H., Mohamedani, A. A., Montgomery, M., Morter, S., Muchiri, E., Mudau, L. S., Mutua, B. M., Ndambuki, J. M., Pond, K., Sobsey, M. D., Van der Es, M., Zeitoun, M., Hunter, P.


Recommendations for dealing with waste contaminated with Ebola virus: a Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points approach,

in Bulletin WHO



pp. 424-432

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