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Bew, S. P., Stephenson, G. R., Rouden, J., Ashford, P. A., Bourane, M., Charvet, A., Dalstein, V. M. D., Jauseau, R., Hiatt-Gipson, G. D., Martinez-Lozano, L. A.


Bioinspired, base- and metal-free, mild decarboxylative aldol activation of malonic acid half thioesters under phase-transfer reaction conditions,

in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis



pp. 1245-1257

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Bew, S., Ashford, P., Bachera, D.


Synthesis of structure and function diverse α-D-diazoacetates, α-D-diazoacetamides, α-D-diazoketones, and the antibiotic α-D-azaserine,

in Synthesis



pp. 903-912

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Ashford, P., Bew, S.


Recent advances in the synthesis of new glycopeptide antibiotics,

in Chemical Society Reviews



pp. 957-978

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