Name Job Title
Miss Sarah Browne MBBS Implementation Manager
Mr Antony Colles CTU Senior Data Programmer
Miss Kerry Dresser CTU Trial Assistant
Mrs Karen Durrant CEVA Project Co-ordinator
Miss Katharine Goodall CTU Data Assistant
Ms Cecile Guillard CTU Data Assistant
Mr Matthew Hammond Deputy Director of the Norwich Clinical Trials Unit
Mr Glenn Harden CTU Trial Assistant
Mrs Caroline Hill Research Project Administrator
Research Administrator
Research Associate
Ms Hazel Hobbs Clinical Trial Assistant
Ms Lis Jennings EMHP Project Manager & Service Liaison Lead
Mr Martin Pond Head of Data Management
Miss Gemma Richmond Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant (Research)
Dr Josephine Scott Student Wellbeing Lead
Associate Tutor
Mrs Anna Sweeting Business Manager (Health Economics Consulting)
Mrs Jennie Woodhead CTU Finance Administrator
Mrs Anna Wright CTU Quality Assurance/Trial Assistant