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Colucci, E., Clark, A., Lang, C. E., Pomeroy, V. M.


A rule-based, dose-finding design for use in stroke rehabilitation research: methodological development,

in Physiotherapy



pp. 414-422

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Key Research Interests

Implementation of dose-finding procedure to stroke rehabilitation research: a new conceptual framework 

The optimal dose of physical therapy required for best recovery after stroke is unknown.  In addition, dose optimization procedure are often omitted before conduction of clinical trials in contrast to other areas of healthcare. My PhD studies initially identify potential methods of dose optimization from the pharmaceutical and exercise-training research literature.  The second phase involves testing the feasibility of a common pharmaceutical dose optimization method for stroke rehabilitation. Participants in this phase I dose-finding trial are stroke survivors with moderate upper limb impairment. The results of these studies will provide a novel conceptual framework of dose-finding for stroke rehabilitation research. 

Supervisors: Valerie Pomeroy and Allan Clark