Establishing a healthy growth trajectory from birth: The Baby Milk Trial :  MRC National Prevention Research Initiative. In collaboration with University of Cambridge & MRC Epidemiology Unit.

The prevalence of childhood obesity has increased rapidly over the past two decades. Excess weight in childhood tracks into adult life and causes problems both in the short term and in the long term. However, to date there is little evidence on which to develop effective preventive strategies. Nutrition and growth during infancy may have long term effects by altering eating behaviours and risks of obesity and obesity-related disorders in later life.
We aim to evaluate the cost-effectiveness and acceptability of a theory-based behavioural intervention to avoid excess formula-milk intake and to prevent rapid weight gain during infancy. We will recruit 700 mothers who introduce formula-milk feeds within six weeks of their baby's birth into a randomised controlled trial.

The intervention group will receive the behavioural intervention delivered by trained and quality-assured facilitators over six months through 3 face-to-face contacts, 2 telephone contacts and written materials. The control group will have the same number of contacts with facilitators and general issues about feeding will be discussed. (Marc Suhrcke, Ed Wilson)